Bio & CV

Ziba Artist BIo Image In the studio

My love for Art began when I was four years old. I remember drawing my newborn cousin like it was yesterday. I drew him perfectly, like a photograph. The way he would lay there, the colors of his onesie. My relatives were astonished, everyone was in shock. From then on, all my presents were art supplies.

A brutal war with Iraq began in 1981. Iran completely changed. In my eyes; from rose-colored lenses to complete darkness with visible bombs dropping two blocks down. We escaped Iran on horseback and for three days we traveled to reach the borders of Turkey.

Thanks to my parents love and support for my passion, I never stopped drawing and being tutored while living in Turkey and Italy. At the age of 12 through 14 I studied with Persian artists Badreyee Borghey and Hessam Abrishami.

Upon my arrival to the US, I was one of the youngest students taking an art course in Santa Monica college at age 13. In my 20’s I was all over the place with my style, experimenting and figuring out what worked for me. In hindsight, I see that I’ve somehow incorporated everything I’ve experienced, everything I’ve loved and all things I have given my attention to.

What inspires me when I paint, is the element of magical surprise. I usually receive one or two inspiring ideas, combine them with my playful co-creation and the piece becomes what it wants to be.

I love playing with different mediums and styles. I use vintage magazines (my favorite being fashion magazines), books, different paints, pastels and spray paint. I see all the hard work, that is forgotten, in creating a great image in magazines and photographs, and I like to save them and make them part of my art. I may hold onto an image for 10 years or more before I know where it belongs.

I like to be light and fun with my work, with a playful message to not take everything so seriously. I love what I do, and it is an honor to share my work when they are done. I truly believe my pieces are lucky and carry blessings into homes.

One thing I feel clarity with, is my world makes sense to me when I am creating art. Every day I thank the universe that I am an artist.


Group Exhibitions

  • Platform 44 Art Gallery Beverly Hills
  • Hamptons Art Show July 2017 Lurie Gallery
  • Baltimore Art Convention Aug 2017
  • Affordable Art Show NY Sep 2017
  • San Diego Art convention Sep 2017
  • LA Art Convention 2017
  • Palm Beach Art Convention 2017
  • Palm Springs Art Convention 2017
  • Palm Springs Art Convention 2016
  • Hampton NY Art Convention 2016
  • Mark James Gallery London 2016
  • Aspen Art Convention 2016
  • Lurie Gallery on 3rd LA
  • Affordable Art Show NY 2016
  • Huston TX Art Show 2016
  • Scope FL 2015
  • Evan Lurie Gallery, Carmel IN 2015
  • Art Basal MI 2015
  • Affordable Art Fair NY, Bruce Lurie Gallery, September 2015
  • Houston Fine Art Fair, Bruce Lurie Gallery, September 2015
  • Aspen Art Fair, Bruce Lurie Gallery, August 2015
  • Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton NY, July 2015
  • Hot Summer Group Show, Bruce Lurie Gallery, May 2015
  • Love Art Toronto, Bruce Lurie Gallery, April 2015
  • Affordable Art Fair NY, Bruce Lurie Gallery, March, 2015
  • Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Bruce Lurie Gallery, February 2015
  • RD Fine Art Gallery, Brugge, Belgium 2013-2014-2015
  • Red Dot Miami, Bruce Lurie Gallery, December 2014
  • Palm Springs Fine Art Fair 2014

Solo Exhibitions

  • Cristophe – Beverly Hills 2014 – 2015
  • RD Fine Art Gallery – Bruges Belgium 2014
  • Unici Casa Gallery – Los Angeles 2015
  • Bruce Lurie Gallery – Los Angeles 2015
  • Frankfurt, Germany Thursday June 25, 2015
  • Art of Ziba, Bruce Lurie Gallery, March 2015


  • Royal Street Gallery Aspen, CO


  • Modern art museum Yerevan, Armenia 2015


  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Marcus Lemonis
  • Glen Singer, Mayor Miami Beach
  • Pink
  • Isabel and Barry Knispel
  • Leslie Eichner
  • J&J Noonan

Contact me if you would like to feature my artwork.